Shoe Stretching

We use all kinds of machines for our stretching process and a seasoned masters who are good at it. Subsequently, such as the stretching process is completed, the leather is polished and conditioned; in case if you need it. Depending on the material and system of your shoes, we can increase it by half. But the shoes can be stretched in a natural way, as a result of this, we advise you to try to do it by yourself at the beginning. If you still do not feel comfortable, we can help with this progress. Keep in mind, in fact, any time a shoe stretches wide, it still affects the length. As a result of this, if the width plays a big role, and the length is not, we advise only to stretch the width. You can demonstrate to us or send us a picture of the one where your shoes are worn, and we will advise what is possible to arrange in order to help with comfort. Depending on the material and the shoe system, we can stretch the calf from .5 ”-2” If the calf stretching still does not solve the problem, we can add leather or elastic gore. For this procedure, we would like to see you directly.

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