Heel Repair

Top Lift is the fraction at the end of the heel that touches the ground. It can be made from rubber or leather, or from its composition, depending on the shoe’s style. We will realize a large number of various sizes and colors.


We can make a heel shortening of any model. Depending on the construction / style of your shoes, we can reduce the height of the heel by 5-10 mm.


For broken stiletto heels or high-heeled shoes, we recommend a set of heels that can be connected to your unique heels.


We can repair all types of heels, and if they cannot be repaired, we can exchange heels for similar pairs. Subsequently, such as the heels replaced, we would return them with  the same or similar material / color around the heel.


In case the authentic design allows, we can change the wide heel to a stylet or change the stylet to a wide heel in order to make a different design. Pay attention, in fact, that the feasibility depends on the unique design and system.


Also, we have a sweeping range of all kinds of leather, suede and fabric look.



Dog bite, heel damage, fire, or water wear? Depending on the initial system of the item, we can renew the warped area.

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